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March 15, 2008


Doni Ulman

Dear Pastor John,
Sorry to hear that you are so lost, yes I mean Lost without Michelle!!!! LOL
Maybe you will appreciate what your wives do for you and how much they are there for you, when they are away for a while.....LOL
When you really care and love someone so much, that when they are gone even for a short time, you feel that you are breaking in two, then that my friend is the true meaning of love and devotion and appreciation for your partner.....
I have been alone for over 35 years, so I know that loneliness, it is no fun. Even when Joe was here and would go out to sea on Navy cruises, it was pure h---
to have him gone for even a few minutes, much less days, weeks and months....
You will survive, all of you, time will go by fast and when the wives do come home, just show them really how much you miss them, which I know that you will....
See you at service this afternoon and don't be too down hearted, they are missing you guys as well.... For this I am sure.
God is watching over all of you....
Love you,


I'm so sorry you miss Michelle! Your not a wimp though, missing someone just shows them & everyone else around you how much you love them! (I think YOU told us that in a sermon a long time ago?!?:-) I never really have had a problem with admiting that I miss people. I mean, I told everyone in my cabin at camp last year that I missed my kitty Reepicheep! (I love you Reep:-) I will pray for you.......so you aren't sad the whole time she is gone. At least you can know she is gone (TEMPORARILY GONE) doing God's will & reaching people!
I'm also sorry you got in trouble........by a 19 year old........who happens to be your daughter. LOL, My mom is usually the one that makes the staement, "When your grown up & have kids, you'll know how I feel/felt." The only problem is all 4 of us kids KNOW we aren't haveing kids when we grow up! (Kidding, God's will be done not mine.) Anyway, have a great Un-lonely day Pastor John!
God Bless!


turn down the violin... you boys are fine!


There's nothing wrong with growing a beard once in a while.


Can't say I know how ya' feel John, but I agree with kiwicarly: Turn off the violin already!(laughing). Megan's also right. Admiting you miss someone is just another way of showing you care. As for getting in trouble with Katie, well, just goes to show you've raised her well. God Bless.

Jo Ann Schmidt

I think you are great i can not find your e-mail address so i am asking you this question i attended last sunday i was the one in front on the end you pated me on the back on your way up then again on the way down i ask why me? I loved it it made me feel like you were reaching out too me thank you John you have not only brought me back to god but brought my 18 yr old son to him, He is a new man he is the one who brought me to the churh he works on sundays but his boss lets him take two hrs off for the 1.00 sevice then he goes back to work we love you and god is in our lives to stay thank you again!!!!! Jo Ann

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